Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mr Selfridge Style

If like us you’ve been completely swept away with ITV’s drama Mr Selfidge, you will know what we mean when we say we cannot get enough of the beauty and glamour that oozes from our screens every time we switch on to catch up with the latest dramas of Mr Selfridge, his family and all the people he meets along the way. With the final episode of the series shown on Sunday, full of emotional twists and turns, it’s safe to say I will definitely be mourning the loss of Mr Selfridge on my TV screen… but am extremely excited for its anticipated return!

Set in London in the 1900’s, where make-up is still kept tightly hidden away under store counters, is a world full of custom dresses, fine jewels, exaggerated hats and some of the biggest hair I have ever seen! It seems that this enchanting world of 20th century London leads to a whole host of inspiring ideas, whether it be for your wedding, a gift, or even just a little classic edge to your look. From elegant pearls and eye-catching diamonds to those wonderfully vintage inspired brooches, there is something for everyone at Ernest Jones, sure to add a dash of Mr Selfridge chic to your look. 

It seems only right to begin with Ellen Love, an enviously beautiful woman who starts her journey as the ‘Spirit of Selfridges’. Ms Love is the ultimate showgirl, taking on elaborate costumes inspired by the fast paced and glamorous world of showbiz Hollywood that was spilling over from the states. With elegant velvet gowns teamed with fur overlays and beautiful bows, pearls and diamonds are essential to complete this kind of vintage inspired look. Diamond collars and cuffs seem to be a favourite for the upper class women on the show, perfect for adding a lavish decoration to silk gloves. For a contemporary twist on a classic choice, why not layer tennis bracelets to re-create this statement look. Swap the gloves for a shimmering evening dress for a dash of vintage luxury.

Decorative brooches were a jewellery necessity during this time period. Adorning the coats and dresses of London’s finest, intricate filigree and bejewelled brooches were a must. I adore this beautifully feminine Swarovski flower brooch. Add to a Spring/Summer jacket in mint or apricot for a dash of Mr Selfridge style sure to make heads turn. 

Pearls are an essential accessory for the perfect portrayal of vintage extravagance. Rosalie Selfridge, who’s look remained subtle but feminine throughout the series, sports beautiful pearl drop earrings to compliment the light pink and beige hues of her ornate gowns.

This week at Ernest Jones we launched exquisite jewellery brand Yoko London, who offer a vast range of stunning jewellery complete with Japanese Akoya and Tahitian pearls. These stunning earrings are perfect for adding timeless style with a modern edge, teaming stunning diamond and cultured pearl drops with a simplistic, contemporary design. With the matrimonial season upon us, these earrings are sure to compliment a beautiful wedding dress perfectly; wear with an up do for statement style, or with your hair loose for a flash of classic detailing. 

Lady Mae Loxley settles into the role of the powerful women extremely well in the series, boasting distinctive styles of striking dresses, long coats and audacious feather and bow detailing on those enormous hats! Her style represents the upper class pre-war woman perfectly, with her elegant jewels of diamonds, precious stones and pearls not only being a demonstration of her status, but also an iconic fashion statement - and one that can be altered to fit within our modern fashions. 

This Swarovski pendant not only fits with the S/S pastel trend, but also looks as though it could have been pulled straight from the 1900’s! With a bold purple Swarovski oceanic crystal and smaller white crystals combined with a rope style chain, this beautiful pendant would definitely not look out of place on Lady Loxley! Teamed with a chunky knit or even a Little Black Dress, this necklace is sure to add some vintage elegance to your look. 

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